Kantor Energy has acquired a knowledge of Biomass Combustion Boilers, Fuel Handling and Storage systems through our experience in the field of Decentralised Energy systems.

We have developed relationships with a number of reputable local and international suppliers, with a proven track record to secure a quality solution for our customers. 

As an independent technology provider, with access to a wide portfolio of Biomass related technology products, we are able to develop robust systems to the clients requirements, from intake and conveying systems to the reliable reclaim systems.

Our Design and Engineering team, with the support of our partners allows us to work with our clients to develop a project from concept, through to detailed Design, Installation and Commissioning.

We can Design Wte systems to burn any type of biomass or other solid fuels, producing energy in the form of:-

  • Steam
  • Thermal Oil
  • Hot Water
  • Chilled Water
  • Hot Gas
  • Electricity

producing energy individually or in combination.



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